About Painting

The paintings of AERIN m. symbolize the interrelation between Man and the Universe, through energies, colors and light. She seeks to revive that connection that seems to have been lost due to the materialistic impact of a modern world, a society that continues to drift away from its Source of Life.The techniques used, such as washes, transparencies, light, symbolize the sky and the cosmos.The vegetable paper that she likes to make with my hands as well as the mineral elements represent the Earth. Just as techniques interpenetrate and complement each other, Man and the Universe are one.

AERIN m. is an artist who works with subtlety in mixed media. Since she knows how to dare contrasts, her painting is never uniform and smooth. With real mastery, she mixes acrylic, inks and vegetable paper that she painstakingly crafts herself. Each element in his compositions breathes and vibrates. Her search for harmony of tones, forces and form explodes the colors and the effects of matter which plunges the viewer into a third dimension.Painting for this artist reflects the expression of her inner being. At each touch, AERIN m. deposits on the canvas the drops of the perfume that she collects from her heart, with each line she lets the colors that her feelings escape, through each shadow and behind each light she makes sing, like a whisper, the colors of her soul.