About me

Photographer and abstract painter, registered with the Maison des Artistes since 2006, known and appreciated for her abstract works, Séverine Maigre, alias AERIN m. (Hellenia from 2003 to 2015) has devoted herself to her passion since 1999. Born in Vichy in 1974, she discovered from childhood the wonderful world of colors which will never cease to fascinate her. After a baccalaureate in Arts and Letters, she naturally moved towards artistic studies, first at the University of Plastic Arts of Saint-Étienne, then at the University of Montpellier III. Sensitive to the universes of Zao Wou-Ki, Chagall and Tolkien, she composes worlds imbued with emotion and light. His initially figurative research becomes clearer over the course of his pictorial evolution and is now available in abstract paintings, whose mastery of composition and harmony of colors can only amaze. Since 2016, always in communion with his nature and to give a new tone to the expression of his art, AERIN m. decides to make vegetable paper and add it to her paintings with that refinement of execution that characterizes her. Several prizes have been awarded to him and many of his works have been acquired by art lovers during his numerous participations in exhibitions.

In 2018, she discovered the art of photography. With passion, she devotes herself to it on a daily basis and sees in this new technique a way to see the world differently. With a predilection for black and white photography, she creates universes with mysterious atmospheres, artistic, luminous scenes and captures astonishing expressions.

Photo AERIN m. Artiste peintre contemporaine