Fine Art Photography

Passionate about fine art photography, AERIN m. delights in these precious moments offered by existence, always on the lookout for the little hidden detail that she could appropriate and transform as she pleases. Fascinated by the surprising beauties of life, she seeks to capture improbable worlds, invisible at first glance, taken at a precise moment, shaped by light and its immediate environment.

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Abstract paintings

« Renaissance » 2007/2009 - Technique mixte sur toile 60 x 60 cm - Copyright © 2007/2009 - AERIN m.

The paintings of AERIN m. symbolize the interrelation between Man and the Universe, through energies, colors and light. She seeks to revive that connection that seems to have been lost due to the materialistic impact of a modern world, a society that continues to drift away from its Source of Life. 

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About me

Photographer and abstract painter, registered at the Maison des Artistes since 2006, known and appreciated for her abstract works, Séverine Maigre, alias AERIN m. (Hellenia from 2003 to 2015) has devoted herself to her passion since 1999.

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“Le pinceau de l’artiste cajole la toile
Comme une caresse à fleur de temps
En attendant que la peinture ne révèle tambour battant,
Ses alchimiques couleurs à l’œil qui la dévoile.”

Claudio Viglier